My hubby and I officially started activley trying to concieve baby Number 1 in the months of jan/feb.The reason we are  where we are today is because I have gotten the urge to become a mommy alot sooner that I ever thought I would.As crazy as it may sound my desire to become a mommy really began with a vivid dream I had when we first moved into our cozy little apartment here in Munich Germany. My dream was of me breastfeeding twins, and thats about it really. It was more the feelings of the dream than the actual things going on in the dream.  Soon after I went on youtube and found a community of people who share preganacy vlogs and baby vlogs and I began getting more and more excited about starting a family of my own and joining the community on youtube. I am also a huge fan of the shaytards on youtube and they are an amazing  family to watch and they started of as young parents as well.

I am very young only 20 years old but my hubby is 26.  I have alot of experience with children I was a full time nanny of a little boy for 8 months so I know very well what im getting myself into. I am also a very laid back type of person and so is my hubby and we dont feel having a child will affect our attitude towards life.  We love to travel and we will just take our little ones with us. I think its important to expose children to things outside of their every day norm and not keep them in a bubble though that may seem like the easier choice.

Living right in the center of Europe has many advantages for us. To an American family travel and a big family’s dont always  mix, For Europeans its a way of life. I feel blessed to be where I am in life right now.Hubby has a job we are stable, we have been together almost a decade and married for 1.5 years and we have a cozy home and most importantly we have each other!  We can both say with confidence we are ready for this next stage in our life and we will go into it with open minds and open hearts!

Now for the TTC (trying to concieve) info.  I have a youtube channel (DanielleBabyBliss) where I post weekly vlogs and updates. Feel free to subscribe!

Cycle day One is oficially over as our first try was not a sucsess. However I am optimistic about cycle 2! I ovulated Feb 1st cycle day 16 and got a positive opk (clear blue digital) jan 31st cycle day 15. We “baby danced” the night of the positive opk and not on the day of ovulation.  Cycle 2 w will for sure baby dance on ovulation day and hope we get better luck. be sure to check out my review on the clear blue digital ovulation tests in the product review category. Please follow me for more up dates and thank you so much for joining me on my journey!