Cycle 2 ended with alot of feelings and emotions that I still haven’t come to understand……….

I wasnt the most optimistic in the begining of this cycle because I wanted to be one of those lucky people who concieved on their first try. 😉  The first week after my period was hard and I was running out of opks. I ordered a kit of ovulation tests from a website called OVA-TEST  it included 20 opks and 5 HPTS. I was excited because it cost under 30 euros and that was about the same cost of only 7 ovulation tests from the clear blue digital. However I will not order from this website again. The company is based in Germany (where I live) and it still took OVER 2 weeks to arrive! by the time I was expecting to ovulate they did not arrive so I ran to the Apoteke (drugstore)  and I re purchased the clear blue digital opks. That was truly the right decision to make since I got a smiley face as expected. 🙂 I do not chart my temperatures so I am very depended on OPKS. Athough I didnt get my opks  from OVATEST until after I ovulated I was still happy to have 5 pregnancy tests at home ready to be used when needed. 🙂

Now lets talk about my “textbook” cycles. I have been charting for 4 months and my period never goes under 28 days or over 30. 🙂 I feel very blessed to know that my body is functioning at a normal rate so Im taking that as a good sign indicating I am more than likely fertile but we have just been un lucky.  I have been tracking Ovulation only 2 cycles and both times I got positive OPKS the the exact same cycle day. Again I used the handy dandy Clear blue digital easy smiley face opk. I swear my lines were much darker this cycle when I got my smiley face! I could tell I ovulated cycle day 16 because I am one of those few women who can feel ovulation. I could feel a very subtle pulsing and pinching type of feelings on my right side meaning I most likely ovulated on my right side this cycle. 🙂 It is not painful but I have been noticing I also feel bloated on ovulation day which isnt the best way to feel when you want to  babydance. (Click on pictures to enlarge. This is what a positive looks like on a Clear blue digital Ovulation test)

Speaking of babydancing lets talk a little it about my hubby and I’s schedual. 😉 To be honest our baby dancing odds have never been great, we have never actually babydanced on ovulation day but we did a little before and the days I got my positive opks, however we will FOR SURE babydance on ovulation day cycle 3. That being said our chances of getting pregnant were good but not GREAT and could be why we got BFNS both cycles.

The 2 weeks wait was ok for the first week but I had serious ants in my pants when I started feeling this random pinching on my lower abdominal and according to the internet that could mean it was an ectopic pregnancy so I freaked out and started testing at 9 dpo. Of course everything is now fine and I over reacted and I am not experiencing any type of pregnancy symptoms WHAT SO EVER. I continued to get BFNS, so I decided to wait until Cycle day 13 which was my husbands birthday and I wanted so badly to give him a positive pregnancy test on his birthday but NO GO. BFN BFN and another BFN. I was really down about it at first  but now I feel very at peace and I am so excited about this next cycle! I feel like an official TTC’er now, I feel like I have been around the block enough times to know how to go around again without stumbling, I am very optimistic about this cycle and Im praying I will have a December baby!

TTC cycle 3 plan will be in another blog post. 🙂