Well another cycle another negative…. Im not surprised really, and I have alot of exciting things to look forward to so this maybe the easiest BFN yet.

As many of you may know I am on a ttc break from now until the beginning of June. I am on this break to prepare for my holiday in Corsica France! yay I am also taking a break for just the sake of my sanity, ttc is a full time emotional roller coaster ride. In these next two months I will be focusing on mental clarity and weight loss. I will be taking 2 herbal supplements that are to boost fertility and my hubby will go one one as well. We will both be taking Maca root and I will also be taking evening primrose oil. I will do videos and detailed blog posts about both of the supplements and their affects.

Cycle 3 summary:

I started this cycle with High hopes, 3 is USUALLY my lucky number. I started taking OPK’s on CD 10 and I got a positive on CD 16 and ovulated CD 17 this is a day later than usual. We baby danced the night I got my positive OPK. The next morning I woke up and decided it was time to step on the scale, and I gained another KILO (2.2 pounds) I was a wreck I have been struggling with my weight due to a thyroid problem I was diagnosed with at 8 years old.  I then began to panic and even had thoughts like I REALLY HOPE I DONT GET PREGNANT!! I was in the heat of the moment and really knew that my weight gain issue was something I wanted to fix ASAP. I began doing more research and talked to a friend who suggested I try evening primrose oil as it is meant to balance hormones and boost fertility. At this point I decided to wait and see how this cycle ends before starting the supplement. The whole cycle I have gone back and forth debating on what I was hoping for more a BFP or BFN then I realized how lucky I was. I was in a WIN WIN situation and that uplifted my spirits and I got motivated to make some changes. I started a raw food challenge and cut gluten from my diet to balance my blood sugar levels and I became increasingly excited about my weight loss and my vacation in corsica. After my first BFN I started my 7 day raw food challenge which I will talk more about in a seperate post and everything started coming together and made sense and I felt AMAZING…BUT THEN Aunt Flow decided to play mind games with Hubby and I. She is NEVER late!! She decided to wait to show until I got my hopes set high on possibly being pregnant! and then greeted me on CD 31 with the cramps from hell. I am feeling alot better now but I still find myself sad about the line up of BFN’s. I thought for sure Id be pregnant our first try. I now cant help but be scared and excited about what this journey has in store after my break. I will continue to chart my cycles I am especially interested to see how my cycles change while on the supplements. I am SOOO ready for this needed break to refresh!