My 3 month trying to conceive break is finally over! I am currently on cycle day 14 and I am ovulating today!!!!! Yesterday I got a VERY positive ovulation test including lots of classic ovulation symptoms. Normally I dont write blog posts mid cycle but I really wanted to express my optimism and hope that I have for this cycle.

Since we are approaching the 6 month mark of trying I do suppose its playing a huge role in my desire to get pregnant this cycle, but Something really just hit me when I saw the blazing positive ovulation test yesterday! The idea of having a baby due in April seems really right for some odd reason I cant explain. My Ovulation symptoms are incredibly strong and almost overwhelming right now. I am having a distinct ache in my lower abdomenem on my left side, massive amounts of EWCM,  breast tenderness, and slight bloating. My body is in full gear to get pregnant so lets just hope my husbands sperm make it to the egg before its to late!

My desire to conceive is so incredibly intense right now, out of all the cycles I have tried I dont think iv ever been so sure that I am really ready to start my journey to become  a mom.  If I dont conceive this cycle there will no doubt be some tears, I mean im just being honest. Its been a rough couple of months dealing with dental issues and weight gain. But now everything is so right! My teeth are in great shape, and I am in great shape. I weigh 145 pounds so my BMI is much better than it was 2 months ago. I lost 20 pounds and I am an incredibly clean and healthy eater. I am finally ready not only emotionally but I really believe my body is ready for a pregnancy as well! I am so excited to see the outcome of this cycle, I am beaming with joy and excitement. I will try to make it to 10 dpo to test which is Monday August 1st! Cant wait! Until then it is babydancing heaven!

Watch me get my positive ovulation test!