So I have started this new thing that I am VERY excited about On my DanielleBabyBliss Youtube channel. Every Tuesday I will upload a video of the items I purchased from the grocery store and meals that I make from them. I am doing this to spark some inspiration in others to enjoy vegetarian meals. In our community I personally find there is alot of the same kind of recipes being passed around and people don’t seem to realize that a meal can still be a meal without meat. There are many health benefits to taking meat off the plate a few nights a week. Since I made the decision to become a vegetarian it has forced me to get creative with my meals and recipes and since the biggest portion of my plate isnt chicken most nights I tend to get alot more variety in my diet which is important. So my vlogs and posts will be there to give my lovely followers some new meat free Ideas. I also plan to post Full Recipes on my vlog and film some for my channel. Here is what We had to eat this week: