So who else agrees that old wives tales are just a load of crap? ;)They may be stupid but they are SUPER FUN!

We did a Total of 20 old wives tales which I will list what they are and how to do them below. 

Watch the video to see what our results were and how to play! 

1. Have your feet been colder than usual? If YES your then that is 1 point for  BOY If NOT 1 Point for GIRL

2.Wedding Ring Test: Connect your wedding ring to a string, now hold it over your belly VERY STILL, if the ring turns in a circle that is a GIRL RESULT If it Goes in a back and forth motion BOY RESULT!

3. Carrying high or low? High means GIRL Low means BOY. 

4. Are your hands dryer than usual? if YES BOY if NO GIRL

5.What was your baby’s heart rate? above 140 BPM indicates GIRL below 140 BPM indicates BOY

6.Craving sweets? GIRL Craving Salty? BOY

7. Look under your left eye. If you have a vein in the shape of a V you are having a GIRL If not BOY!

8. Are you all belly or are other parts of your body starting to get fat too like your legs? if YES  BOY if NO GIRL

9.Chinese Gender Chart Link here to play (REMEMBER TO USE YOUR LUNAR AGE)

10. Are you Glowing? or are you suffering from breakouts and feeling uglier? If your looking worse than pre pregnancy your having a GIRL..shes just sucking you dry of all that beauty! 

11.Did you have a dream your having a baby girl? well… your actually having a BOY. Did you have a dream you were having a baby boy? well… That means its a GIRL

12.Which side do you prefer sleeping on? Right Side GIRL. Left side BOY

13. About Dad.. has he gained any sympathy weight since you got pregnant? If YES GIRL if NO BOY

14. We all have one boob that’s bigger than the other. If its your left your having a GIRL if its your Right your having a BOY

15. Morning sickness if YES GIRL if NO BOY

16. Red Cabbage Gender Test: To perform this test you will need 1 red cabbage and your urine! Cut the cabbage into chunks and boil it in water for 5 minutes. Take equal parts cabbage water with your urine and mix them together. If you get a purple/blue color or water stays the same GIRL RESULT. If the water turns Red/Pink or gets the slightest tint of red BOY RESULT!

17.More Headaches than usual? if YES BOY if NO GIRL

18.More moody than usual? IF YES GIRL if NO BOY

19.Clumsy mommy BOY. Graceful mommy GIRL

20. Fork and Spoon Test: To perform this test you will need to go in another room while your partner places a fork and a spoon under two separate pillows. Now when you come back in the room you have to decide which to sit on. If you sit on the Fork thats a GIRL RESULT if you sit on Spoon thats a BOY RESULT!