Total weight gain:  Pre pregnancy was 138 and now I am 156!  No weight gain this week and my mid wife scale tells me I am actually 2 pounds lighter than I thought and since I have such a crappy scale I have decided to go with hers and subtract 2 kilos every time I go on. 

Maternity clothes? I still dont find maternity tops to be 100% needed, however I can not fit comfortably into most of my pre pregnancy pants anymore.
Stretch marks?Still no fresh ones! 
Sleep: sleep is OK but trying to get to sleep with my little Miss happy feet is hard lol last night she was wide awake kicking and punching really hard for nearly 30 mins and after that was lightly poking around for another 20. lol with her being feet down when she kicks really hard the urge to pee is pretty intense! 
Miss anything? Not really.
Movement:She moves all the time its seems shes awake more than sleeping these days, shes got alot of energy!
Food cravings: PEACHES. they are soo good!
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really
Gender: GIRL
 Symptoms: Frequent Urination was a bit more challenging than usual this week with her kicks getting so strong. 
Belly button in or out? 50% 50%
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time: pretty balanced. 
Best Moment of the week? Setting up her crib with all her decorations now up! now we only need to add a few finishing touches to the room and we will be done! 
Looking Forward to: enjoying my last week in the “20’s)
Midwife Appointment:
So I had a midwifes appt. this week and it went great! My urine was clean, blood pressure good, she said I am doing very well with weight gain and my vaginal PH is normal. so yay mommy is good!
As for Olivia she is FANTASTIC. her heart was beating 145 BPM and she gave the midwife a couple good punches and my mid wife told me shes for sure head up right now 😀
This weeks Pregnancy Vlog: