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33 weeks pregnant

how Far Along: 33 Weeks! 

weight gain: still havent replaced my scale so I have no idea!

Maternity clothes? I actually bought a new maternity top! 😀
Stretch marks?NOPE YAAY 
Sleep: actually not bad. Olivia seems to be more awake during the day. I have noticed im waking up to drink water alot more often. 
Miss anything? shopping for cute summery things and actually being able to fit in a variety of my own clothes.
Movement: She does seem a tiny bit more still than usual but not much. 
Food cravings:Blueberries! well not really a craving but Iv ate a ton this week 😉
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really
Gender: GIRL
 Symptoms: Nipples have gotten sensitive again and I swear they are even darker as well. 
Belly button in or out? 50% 50%
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody: Iv had my ups and downs this week thats for sure.
Best Moment of the week? I had a slight increase in energy this week. Hubby and I went through her clothes and washed them and it was so nice just the two of us chilling in the basement folding her cute tiny and little things. 🙂 
Looking Forward to: This week I plan to make a list of things/videos that I need to get done and start completing the tasks. We are approaching the end of this pregnancy fast and I think its a good idea to get organized and make a plan and commitment to have everything 100% ready by atleast 36 weeks 🙂 even though there is 7 weeks til my due ate ill be full term at 37 weeks which is only 4 weeks away!