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how Far Along: 35 weeks! Only 5 weeks til my due date but will be considered full term in 2 weeks!

weight gain: 25 pounds weight gain so far! I was weighed at my mid wife appt. 🙂 she said thats great and ill likely gain another 5 to 7 pounds before birth which is right on track! 

Maternity clothes? Still wearing alot of tanks I bought in a couple sizes from my pre pregnancy size. and I am wearing a new maternity top today. 
Stretch marks? NOPE YAY
Sleep: Still getting up to drink and pee a million times, rolling from one side to the other is a pain, and I cant seem to get comfy in any position for long. Oh and the dreams are sooo weird! 
Movement: My little Olivia is sooo squished she still moves as often but the moves are painful hard kicks and punches.. no more flip flopping for her. She also has a habbit of kicking me really hard in the ribs while im walking. 
Food cravings:Blueberry pancakes! the most amazing thing ever! my mom actually craved pancakes when she was pregnant with me too! :D
Anything making you queasy or sick: NOPE
Gender: GIRL
 Symptoms:Olivia feels bigger every minute! I am getting much more uncomfortable, more back pain, and I feel alot of pressure on my pelvis, rectum, and cervix. I have noticed  I am easier to tick off than usual as well. Im also feeling anxious time to time like I just need to be up and preparing or doing something at all times… nesting I suppose.
Belly button in or out? 50% 50%
Wedding rings on or off? On.
 Best Moment of the week? Hubby and I held our little girls foot or hand last night. it was small and sticking WAY out of my belly it was so amazing. hubby deffo thinks it was a foot hes pretty sure he could feel the heel and ever
Looking forward To…. Registering at our hospital we are delivering at on friday!
Mid wife appt update:
Everything is looking great! blood pressure is great, urine is clean, vaginal ph is good.
AND Olivia is HEAD DOWN like I thought! her head is engaged deep in my pelvis! so shes in perfect position, my mid wife thinks since her head is so deep & engaged shes not flipping any more YAY I sure hope so! she deffo hasnt been flipping in a while I noticed. Mid wife also remarked she thinks Olivia is pretty big, it was super easy for her to figure out the position. Olivias heart was beating a 165 BPM and she was sure to show the mid wife some of her cool moves! :p I now see my mid wife every 2 weeks and Friday the 27th we are going for our hospital registration to discuss our birth plan and we will see olivia in a ultrasound! so exciting! getting close! also i have gained 25 pounds so far. mid wife says im looking great and will probably gain another 5 before shes born which is good 😀
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