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39 weeks pregnancy blog post

how Far Along: 39 Weeks!!!

Weight Gain: Total of 28 pounds!

 Stretch marks? I have my first official stretch marks from pregnancy and my old ones from my teens are continuing to get worse.
Movement: So So So Painful! shes is tired of waiting for my cervix to open shes decided to just try to push it out of the way. :p
Food cravings: pancakes again! and been loving dark chocolate & peanut butter!
Anything making you queasy or sick: NOPE
Gender: GIRL
 Symptoms: Parts of my mucous plug has been coming out since Thursday in bits and pieces. I havent got much patience these days and I am pretty mood swingy and of course I am very huge and uncomfortable.
Belly button in or out? OUT and sooo raw
Wedding rings on or off? On.
 Best Moment of the week? Taking our maternity pictures was alot of fun and they turned out really good thanks to our new camera!
Looking forward To… Olivia arrival! 39 weeks means her lungs are fully developed and shes truly ready for the outside world. I am hoping she will come on Wed the 22nd as our wedding anniversary is on the 22nd of September. 

38 Weeks Pregnant!

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how Far Along: 38 Weeks!!!

Doctors Appts: I had my last doctors appt tuesday to run some lab work and everything came back great! This coming Tuesday I am seeing my birth mid wife for a regular check up.

Maternity clothes? I am getting so huge. currently living off of one maternity skirt and pair of stretch pants. 

 Stretch marks? Same as last week.
Sleep:I keep waking up soo soo uncomfortable!
Movement: shes still a wiggler. feels like shes trying to push herself out. hurts my pelivis, bum and cervix really bad!
Food cravings: pancakes again!
Anything making you queasy or sick: NOPE
Gender: GIRL
 Symptoms:fatigue, emotional whenever I think about olivia’s arrival I get so emotional. increase in discharge and this is going to be TIM but Iv noticed pooping has become more frequent its not diarreah 
but Im usually constipated so…
Belly button in or out? 50% 50%
Wedding rings on or off? On.
 Best Moment of the week? Having that weird day of pre laboring was very exciting and really opened my eyes to how though there is 2 weeks til my due date she can really be here anytime. so excited my body is gearing up for labor. ALSO our stroller finally arrived!
Looking forward To… Still just looking forward to meeting olivia I can wait!
Pregnancy Video Diary:  

how Far Along: 37 Weeks!!!

Maternity clothes? I am getting so huge. currently living off of one maternity skirt and pair of stretch pants. 

 Stretch marks? Same as last week.
Sleep: Sleep has actually been good but I am still getting up loads in the middle of the night! 
Movement: Movement is almost always painful at this point… lol shes so big and feisty in there.
Food cravings: pancakes again!
Anything making you queasy or sick: NOPE
Gender: GIRL
 Symptoms:I have been feeling pretty tired. One majorly new symptom is my feet swell up a bit sometimes. Between pregnancy and the hot humid summer weather its guaranteed to keep up!
Belly button in or out? 50% 50%
Wedding rings on or off? On.
 Best Moment of the week? Meeting our birth mid wife and seeing the center where I am giving birth! I am so excited!
Looking forward To… Meeting my little girl! I hope she cooks a little longer but at the same time I am just so eager. Also our stroller better be here this week 😉
Olivia’s Growth & Fluid Scan: So Olivia aprox. weighs 6 pounds 2 oz already and her estimated weight at birth is 8.2 pounds. She is very very healthy she has very long legs and a perfectly shaped and sized head! :)
Check Out My Pregnancy Video Diary On my Youtube Channel:

Birth Plan

Name: Danielle Zavala                 Partners Name: Johannes Klose

I would Like The Following People Present for the Birth:

-My Partner Johannes Klose                 -My Midwife: Wallburga Muller- Cyran (if she is available)

During labor I would like:

-Dim Lights    -Few interruptions   -few vaginal Exams    -Wear my own clothes    -Partner stays with me at all times

-To film and take pictures   -use a tripod to film the delivery      -Stay hydrated naturally (no IV)

– To be able to eat and drink   – Move around as much as I want   -Use the Birthing tub   –take a shower

I would like fetal monitoring to be:

– Only with a Doppler or stethoscope

– Only If electronic fetal monitoring is necessary I wish for the external fetal monitoring where I can move freely.


Labor inducing methods:

-Only natural methods such as nipple stimulation   -I do not want my birth to be rushed or put to a time limit

– I would like to be able to go home if labor stops or slows down.    -I DO NOT want to be offered pitocin

For Pain Relief I would like:

-Only to use natural methods Such as using the birthing tub, taking a shower, moving around, massages.

*DO NOT ask me if I want pain medication   *I would Like encouragement when I feel hopeless, not to be tempted with drugs

For Delivery I would like:

-To have a water birth in the birthing tub (optimal birth wish) –Encouragement to get in the water

-Do whatever comes naturally to me at that time

 I would Like to try other techniques & positions to push as an alternative to water birth as well such as:

– squatting  -using a birthing stool –a birthing ball –side laying etc.

As the baby is delivered, I would like to:

-Push instinctively  –Be offered coaching help   -Touch the head as it crowns  -either me or my partner help catch baby   -my partner get into the water with me   -my partner be with me at all times

-film the delivery using a tripod  –Deliver Placenta Naturally  -avoid forceps   -avoid vacuum extraction

– A midwife help deliver the baby

After The Birth Of Baby

As soon as my baby is born I would like to:

-Immediately hold my Baby   -Bond with my baby as long as I wish so long as she is healthy

-Breast feed right away   -wait for the cord to stop pulsating before cutting it off

I would like my baby’s medical exams & procedures be done:

–Only after we have bonded   – In the presence of me and or my husband    -always ask me and my husband for permission before performing any procedure.

Do NOT Give my baby:

-Vitamin K   -Formula   -sugar water   – A pacifier

I would like to feed my baby:

-ONLY with my breast milk   -On baby’s demand   -With the help of a midwife or lactation consultant

I would like my Baby to be with me:

*AT ALL TIMES and sleep in my room if I need to stay the night.

I would like my partner:

*To have unlimited visiting time and stay with me over night.

*After Birth I would like to stay at the hospital as briefly as possible. I would like to go home within hours after birth if it is possible.

 If my baby is not well, I would like:

-My partner and I to accompany her to the NICU or another facility

-To breastfeed or provide pumped Breast milk   -To hold her as much as possible

If a C-section is necessary, I would like:

-A second Opinion   -To make sure all other options have been trialed   -To stay conscious  – My partner remain with me the entire time  -My hands left free so I can touch my baby  –My Partner holds baby after birth  –baby held to my face after birth  –breastfeed in the recovery room  –get extra help with breastfeeding   -use an epidural as the form of anesthesia

If my baby is breech I would like:

-To try to flip the baby –try movements and positions to flip my baby – try to deliver vaginally and naturally if baby is still breech.