39 weeks pregnancy blog post

how Far Along: 39 Weeks!!!

Weight Gain: Total of 28 pounds!

 Stretch marks? I have my first official stretch marks from pregnancy and my old ones from my teens are continuing to get worse.
Movement: So So So Painful! shes is tired of waiting for my cervix to open shes decided to just try to push it out of the way. :p
Food cravings: pancakes again! and been loving dark chocolate & peanut butter!
Anything making you queasy or sick: NOPE
Gender: GIRL
 Symptoms: Parts of my mucous plug has been coming out since Thursday in bits and pieces. I havent got much patience these days and I am pretty mood swingy and of course I am very huge and uncomfortable.
Belly button in or out? OUT and sooo raw
Wedding rings on or off? On.
 Best Moment of the week? Taking our maternity pictures was alot of fun and they turned out really good thanks to our new camera!
Looking forward To… Olivia arrival! 39 weeks means her lungs are fully developed and shes truly ready for the outside world. I am hoping she will come on Wed the 22nd as our wedding anniversary is on the 22nd of September.