Thumbnail 4 weeks pregnant with baby #2

LOL My Pants are way to LONG and loose! Laundry Day!

How far along? 

5 Weeks

Total weight gain:

Same as last week! 154!
Maternity clothes?
 Nope and still not to bloated.
Better but the dreams are weird and pretty scary at times!
Miss anything? 
My energy
Food cravings:
LEMONS! Drinking straight up lemon juice and I just want a nice big salmon fillet covered in lemon juice! 
Anything making you queasy or sick?
I didnt mention this in my pregnancy vlog but after I filmed it pancakes made me super sick and so did oreos. I also dont like ice cream or chocolate like I usually do!
I really think Boy. NO its not because I want a boy vs a girl. Id love to have 2 girls close in age!  But my maternal instinct is telling me boy and I knew Olivia was a girl despite EVERYONE thinking she was a boy.
Labor signs?
TIRED TIRED TIRED! The second I get up I just want to roll right back into bed. Sore boobs and darkening nipples ALREADY! 
Happy or moody most of the time?
Starting to get pretty moody alot of the time. 
Looking forward to:
Finding out if we got the apartment we want! 
 Now For Some “bump” Pictures for this week! 
5 weeks pregnant bump
LOL MY PANTS!!!! Love Laundry Day!

5 weeks pregnant bump

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