The clear blue digital ovulation test is fast and easy to use! There are so many advantages to a digital ovulation test vs. your typical determine the lines for yourself test.

I love the test, It helped me pinpoint my ovulation day my first cycle of trying with so much ease! However the tests are REALLY EXPENSIVE! If you are planning on buying them they only come in a pack of 7 and you need to repurchase the entire kit every time you run out. (28 euros) I would highly advise that you also have another way of pinpointing ovulation like temperature, CM, even cheaper ovulation tests before taking a clear blue digital.

This cycle ( cycle 2) I will chart my CM and take cheaper ovulation tests to determine the lines and if I think I got a positive opk on my cheep tests I will take a clear blue digital just to double check.

I must say getting a smiley face is very exciting and uplifting! I love the test I just wish there was a way to purchase the sticks separate from the digital monitor.

A tip if you get a O result: be sure to take out the stick and read the lines to see if the LH surge is a at least going up. The lines will darken as you get closer to ovulation. I like to start testing around cycle day 10 just in case I ovulate early. I find I get better results in the afternoon 2 p.m is best; thats when I got my smiley face! 🙂

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Pictures of  my positive opk on cycle day 15 that means I ovulated between cycle day 16 and 17!