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how Far Along: 35 weeks! Only 5 weeks til my due date but will be considered full term in 2 weeks!

weight gain: 25 pounds weight gain so far! I was weighed at my mid wife appt. 🙂 she said thats great and ill likely gain another 5 to 7 pounds before birth which is right on track! 

Maternity clothes? Still wearing alot of tanks I bought in a couple sizes from my pre pregnancy size. and I am wearing a new maternity top today. 
Stretch marks? NOPE YAY
Sleep: Still getting up to drink and pee a million times, rolling from one side to the other is a pain, and I cant seem to get comfy in any position for long. Oh and the dreams are sooo weird! 
Movement: My little Olivia is sooo squished she still moves as often but the moves are painful hard kicks and punches.. no more flip flopping for her. She also has a habbit of kicking me really hard in the ribs while im walking. 
Food cravings:Blueberry pancakes! the most amazing thing ever! my mom actually craved pancakes when she was pregnant with me too! :D
Anything making you queasy or sick: NOPE
Gender: GIRL
 Symptoms:Olivia feels bigger every minute! I am getting much more uncomfortable, more back pain, and I feel alot of pressure on my pelvis, rectum, and cervix. I have noticed  I am easier to tick off than usual as well. Im also feeling anxious time to time like I just need to be up and preparing or doing something at all times… nesting I suppose.
Belly button in or out? 50% 50%
Wedding rings on or off? On.
 Best Moment of the week? Hubby and I held our little girls foot or hand last night. it was small and sticking WAY out of my belly it was so amazing. hubby deffo thinks it was a foot hes pretty sure he could feel the heel and ever
Looking forward To…. Registering at our hospital we are delivering at on friday!
Mid wife appt update:
Everything is looking great! blood pressure is great, urine is clean, vaginal ph is good.
AND Olivia is HEAD DOWN like I thought! her head is engaged deep in my pelvis! so shes in perfect position, my mid wife thinks since her head is so deep & engaged shes not flipping any more YAY I sure hope so! she deffo hasnt been flipping in a while I noticed. Mid wife also remarked she thinks Olivia is pretty big, it was super easy for her to figure out the position. Olivias heart was beating a 165 BPM and she was sure to show the mid wife some of her cool moves! :p I now see my mid wife every 2 weeks and Friday the 27th we are going for our hospital registration to discuss our birth plan and we will see olivia in a ultrasound! so exciting! getting close! also i have gained 25 pounds so far. mid wife says im looking great and will probably gain another 5 before shes born which is good 😀
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34 weeks pregnant, belly picture, pregnant belly, 3rd trimester, big and pregnant, daniellebabybliss

how Far Along: 34 Weeks! Hard to believe she could be ready in only 3 weeks! 

weight gain: LOL I know this is getting ridiculous but I havent gotten a new scale yet but I have a mid wife appt on wed so I will use hers 🙂

Maternity clothes? I actually Just bought some regular tanks that are a size L that fit like a glove! (for now anyways)
Stretch marks? NO 😀 😀 😀
Sleep: I am getting up every 1 to 2 hours sooo thirsty. Even though the weather has been cool I feel like im hot and thirsty all night.  Also the dreams have been sooo weird and I have so many! 
Movement: Shes still movin and groovin but shes feeling more and more squished every day! Lots of rib kicks! We are assuming she is head down but we shall have that confirmed at the midwife appt 🙂
Food cravings:Blueberry pancakes! the most amazing thing ever! my mom actually craved pancakes when she was pregnant with me too! 😀
Anything making you queasy or sick: NOPE
Gender: GIRL
 Symptoms: Well there’s quite a few actually! Firstly I have started experiencing some lower back pain. It is not constant but if I am out in town a long time it will ache a bit.  I have been doing lots of pelvic tucks and using my birthing ball loads to help with the back pain, but its really not that bad or all that often. Iv been alot more snappy especially when I am uncomfortable I get irritated easily.  Braxton Hicks. My braxton hicks contractions have been a little more frequent I get them anywhere from 5 to 7 times everyday all at random times. I also am experiencing a little bit more pressure on my pelvis but its only sometimes. 
Belly button in or out? 50% 50%
Wedding rings on or off? On.
 Best Moment of the week? Going Blueberry picking was amazing. There is this little place about a 25 minute walk from our house in the fields where you can go blueberry picking and there is a little mini farm where you can buy cakes and there are beds to eat outside and pigs and goats and a corn maze. Its amazing I will have to film a video there. I cant wait to bring Olivia one day!
Looking Forward to: I have got lots to look forward too! I am looking forward to my midwife’s appt this wednesday! I love seeing her and Im eager to know what position olivia is in. Also our stroller could be here any day now, we ordered it a month ago and they said it could arrive 4 to 6 weeks after we purchased it so hopefully SOON! I am also looking forward to getting the nursery done!

33 Weeks! 7 To Go!

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33 weeks pregnant

how Far Along: 33 Weeks! 

weight gain: still havent replaced my scale so I have no idea!

Maternity clothes? I actually bought a new maternity top! 😀
Stretch marks?NOPE YAAY 
Sleep: actually not bad. Olivia seems to be more awake during the day. I have noticed im waking up to drink water alot more often. 
Miss anything? shopping for cute summery things and actually being able to fit in a variety of my own clothes.
Movement: She does seem a tiny bit more still than usual but not much. 
Food cravings:Blueberries! well not really a craving but Iv ate a ton this week 😉
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really
Gender: GIRL
 Symptoms: Nipples have gotten sensitive again and I swear they are even darker as well. 
Belly button in or out? 50% 50%
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody: Iv had my ups and downs this week thats for sure.
Best Moment of the week? I had a slight increase in energy this week. Hubby and I went through her clothes and washed them and it was so nice just the two of us chilling in the basement folding her cute tiny and little things. 🙂 
Looking Forward to: This week I plan to make a list of things/videos that I need to get done and start completing the tasks. We are approaching the end of this pregnancy fast and I think its a good idea to get organized and make a plan and commitment to have everything 100% ready by atleast 36 weeks 🙂 even though there is 7 weeks til my due ate ill be full term at 37 weeks which is only 4 weeks away! 

how Far Along: 31 Weeks! Let the official single digit countdown begin!  weight gain: No weight gain from last weeks 🙂 still 160 so 22 pounds up from my pre pregnancy weight. 

Maternity clothes? still just wearing alot of dresses and over sized things from my wardrobe.
Stretch marks?NOPE YAAY 
Sleep: Some nights sleeping was a NIGHTMARE, Olivia has gotten way more active and she kicks and dances rather aggressive at times. 
Miss anything? being able to jog!
Movement: Her moves have gotten sooo cool to watch. I am pretty sure shes flipped and is now head down so now we can see her leg kicking action better. I love watching her knees and butt poke out of my belly. Its intense and sometimes she kicks a rib but I much prefer her kicking my ribs than my bladder.
Food cravings: Shrimp Pasta!
Anything making you queasy or sick: not really
Gender: GIRL
 Symptoms: Although I still feel very good alot of the time I sometimes have these moments where I just need my quiet time, like after walking to the grocery store after I put the groceries down I often collapse on the couch and lay like a beached whale for a little bit. 😉
Belly button in or out? 50% 50%
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time: pretty balanced. 
Best Moment of the week? Olivia flipping to the head down position at least if I am right about if she did I find it much more comfy so far. 😀 she actually just did that 2 days ago after we went swimming 🙂
Looking Forward to: Preparing For my little girl! getting soo close now! 


1 Cup of milk (your preference)

1 Tablespoon Of All Natural Peanut Butter

1/2 Of A Frozen Banana

Coconut Sugar (or any natural sweetener of your choice)

Directions: Throw all the ingredients in a blender and you are good to go! 😀

Instructional Video Here: