Today I went to my local organic store literally a 5 min walk from my house and picked up some things according to the meal plan I made for this week. 🙂 I ended up getting a couple of unexpected things that we dont usually purchase on a regular basis that is why the bill is higher than usual.

I really dont feel buying organic (especially produce) is more expensive than mainstream or at least thats the way it is in Germany. I also must add being a vegetarian is a HUGE money saver! In America I remember going to Foodsco which is awful to think of now, its like walmart but less well known and its only a grocery store.  We spent aprox 65 dollars everytime we went in there and usually got no more than 20 items and that would USUALLY not always be our only trip there in one week. Now I go to my cute little organic shop and buy primarily fruits and veggies and spend way less and get more for my money! Like I said the shopping spree from today was for sure a SPREE! 😉

Heres what I got:

6 red bell peppers

natural yogurt

organic herbed cheese

whole wheat freshly baked bread

pure maple syrup (huge amount of the cost) 7 Euros!

dozen local free roam FARM RAISED eggs

1 leter local farm raised goats milk

2 leters local farm raised cows milk

fresh coriander aka cilantro (also not a  usually bought item)

1 eggplant

head of broccoli

pinto beans (non canned, also not bought regularly)

tomato sauce (I usually make my own)

1 large Leek

Total 30 euros.

I usually spend no more than 15 euros per visit and I go twice a week. that sums up to about 30-40 dollars on organic local nutritious goodies every week! thats awesome compared to that processed crap I bought for 65 dollars in a mainstream american supermarket.

Go organic people! you know u want too!