Birth Plan

Name: Danielle Zavala                 Partners Name: Johannes Klose

I would Like The Following People Present for the Birth:

-My Partner Johannes Klose                 -My Midwife: Wallburga Muller- Cyran (if she is available)

During labor I would like:

-Dim Lights    -Few interruptions   -few vaginal Exams    -Wear my own clothes    -Partner stays with me at all times

-To film and take pictures   -use a tripod to film the delivery      -Stay hydrated naturally (no IV)

– To be able to eat and drink   – Move around as much as I want   -Use the Birthing tub   –take a shower

I would like fetal monitoring to be:

– Only with a Doppler or stethoscope

– Only If electronic fetal monitoring is necessary I wish for the external fetal monitoring where I can move freely.


Labor inducing methods:

-Only natural methods such as nipple stimulation   -I do not want my birth to be rushed or put to a time limit

– I would like to be able to go home if labor stops or slows down.    -I DO NOT want to be offered pitocin

For Pain Relief I would like:

-Only to use natural methods Such as using the birthing tub, taking a shower, moving around, massages.

*DO NOT ask me if I want pain medication   *I would Like encouragement when I feel hopeless, not to be tempted with drugs

For Delivery I would like:

-To have a water birth in the birthing tub (optimal birth wish) –Encouragement to get in the water

-Do whatever comes naturally to me at that time

 I would Like to try other techniques & positions to push as an alternative to water birth as well such as:

– squatting  -using a birthing stool –a birthing ball –side laying etc.

As the baby is delivered, I would like to:

-Push instinctively  –Be offered coaching help   -Touch the head as it crowns  -either me or my partner help catch baby   -my partner get into the water with me   -my partner be with me at all times

-film the delivery using a tripod  –Deliver Placenta Naturally  -avoid forceps   -avoid vacuum extraction

– A midwife help deliver the baby

After The Birth Of Baby

As soon as my baby is born I would like to:

-Immediately hold my Baby   -Bond with my baby as long as I wish so long as she is healthy

-Breast feed right away   -wait for the cord to stop pulsating before cutting it off

I would like my baby’s medical exams & procedures be done:

–Only after we have bonded   – In the presence of me and or my husband    -always ask me and my husband for permission before performing any procedure.

Do NOT Give my baby:

-Vitamin K   -Formula   -sugar water   – A pacifier

I would like to feed my baby:

-ONLY with my breast milk   -On baby’s demand   -With the help of a midwife or lactation consultant

I would like my Baby to be with me:

*AT ALL TIMES and sleep in my room if I need to stay the night.

I would like my partner:

*To have unlimited visiting time and stay with me over night.

*After Birth I would like to stay at the hospital as briefly as possible. I would like to go home within hours after birth if it is possible.

 If my baby is not well, I would like:

-My partner and I to accompany her to the NICU or another facility

-To breastfeed or provide pumped Breast milk   -To hold her as much as possible

If a C-section is necessary, I would like:

-A second Opinion   -To make sure all other options have been trialed   -To stay conscious  – My partner remain with me the entire time  -My hands left free so I can touch my baby  –My Partner holds baby after birth  –baby held to my face after birth  –breastfeed in the recovery room  –get extra help with breastfeeding   -use an epidural as the form of anesthesia

If my baby is breech I would like:

-To try to flip the baby –try movements and positions to flip my baby – try to deliver vaginally and naturally if baby is still breech.